© D. Piollet
© Eric Massua
© Clotilde Grandguillot


1980, the end of the post-war boom sees the beginnings of Object Theatre in Europe.
And it’s not merely by chance. The invasion of objects finds an outlet in theatre.
An object suitable for theatre can be held in the hand, is mass manufactured, often made in China, is cheap and sometimes a little damaged. It’s recognizable, because we all have one at home. Like a cracked cup, it bears the traces of memory. It speaks of ordinary people. Famous forebears have called it to mind: Duchamp, Bachelard, Perec…

Our first production, le Théâtre de Cuisine, fitted into a suitcase, was played on a table, and thus gave the Company its name.
Influenced in our childhood by neighbourhood movie houses, we took the vocabulary of cinema and applied it to theatre.
We speak of wide shots, close-ups, flashbacks… Of point of view.

Before the audience, we do everything at once: acting, framing, editing.
We like to show the ropes, how it comes together, the backstage on stage.
It’s a theatre of complicity with, and proximity to, the public.
Our theatre is hand made.
And our objects are gateways to the epic.

With all kinds of audiences in mind, the Théâtre de Cuisine’s repertoire currently comprises over thirty productions. Widely performed in France and abroad, these shows set out to prove that we can truly imagine the world.
Currently, ten or more productions are on tour. Discover them in our Productions section.

Katy Deville, Christian Carrignon